Home for the Holidays: Signs that Loved Ones Are Ready for Senior Living27

The holidays are an exciting time to make memories with your family. However, when visiting with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while, you may discover that something seems “off.” You may notice things that weren’t there before, and your gut may tell you something isn’t right.

The following are signs that it may be time for your loved ones to find a fresh way to live:

  • Nutrition: Not eating; no food or expired food in the home.
  • Wellness: Change in physical appearance, including poor hygiene, weight loss, or decreased energy.
  • Environment: Abnormally cluttered and untidy house.
  • Financial: Unopened mail and past-due bills.
  • Health: Problems with medications—confusion, stockpiling, mixing up.
  • Memory: Frequent memory lapse, confusion or forgetfulness.
  • Social: Lack of interest in activities, hobbies or things that were formerly enjoyable.
  • Safety: Frequent falls or unsafe driving.

If the points above are raising questions or concerns, they may be your signal for action.

Senior living is an excellent option that can provide solutions for all the concerns above. Don’t wait until a crisis drives your decision. Having the conversation now and planning for the future provides the best option and can keep everyone healthy and happy.

Connecting with your local senior care provider is a great place to start in determining the best choice for you and your family. We wish a Happy New Year for you and your loved ones.