Health and Wellness at Terova Senior Living

Wellness is a Way of Life

At Terova, our view on health is 360-degrees and encompasses every dimension of our residents’ lives. Physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health all play a part in overall well-being. Physical activity is a known mood booster, and your cognitive health can help you stay more physically active.

Our community is alive with social activity with daily opportunities to connect with others – from dining to visiting with our team members to attending social gatherings and performances. Staying socially connected may even help improve your physical health. At Terova, people come together to laugh, smile, discuss the events of the day and form lasting friendships.

We have a dedicated fitness center where classes for residents at all levels of fitness are available. If you’re more into a solo workout, the center has cardio equipment and weights so you can get in your daily workout. For fresh air, head out to the miles of paved and accessible walking trails on our 19-acre campus. Diet is another important part of physical fitness – and our dining options include choices that are both nutritious and delicious.

Your ability to think, process emotion and remember are all critical aspects of brain health. The good news is that at Terova, stimulating your mind can be fun! Our wealth of programming offers opportunities to keep your mind active – at lectures or as a member of book clubs and interest groups.

Terova welcomes residents of all faiths and belief systems and provides sanctuary space for prayer and meditation, as well as events and décor to recognize our residents’ spiritual practices.

Emotional health is deeply interwoven with your physical health – it can help to boost energy, improve sleep and management of chronic illness. Terova Senior Living’s overall positive environment and social community fosters food emotional health. Programming and support is also available for those who seek help with emotional and mental health.

Wellness can be fun! Stimulating the senses through the appreciation of art and performance is a big part of the Terova way of life. We provide live readings, musical performances, fine art exhibitions and more to ensure that entertainment is part of a healthy diet of fun.

Ready to nurture your mind, body and spirit at Terova? Call (262) 478-1500 to start the conversation.
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Health Care When You Need It

While we believe prevention is the best medicine, we understand that some residents do require ongoing health services as part of their healthy life. We provide a range of health services, depending on the unique needs of each resident and the services they opt to include in their contract.